Ausculta Ltd - Complexity Made Simple

Ausculta: Listen!

Ausculta is a services business based in North Wiltshire founded in February 2014 to offer enterprise architecture, solution architecture and IT consulting services as well as local IT services. Deliberately business-focussed, we use our many years of experience of providing consultancy in the IT industry and enterprise architecture to turn complex problems into simple solutions. Ausculta's team is not afraid of being different or pragmatic and of providing accurate advice - even it this can sometimes be a little challenging to deliver to our clients. We believe in the power of positive disruption, which, when applied sensitively, can deliver extraordinary results. We also believe that "we've always done it like that" can be a very dangerous sentence to hear in any organisation.

Our team truly understands Information Technology and draws on many years of experience to solve challenges from complex programme bid & pre-sale leadership to leading enterprise architecture teams, cloud transformation, delivering complex engagements or turning around failing programmes. We offer these services throughout the United Kingdom and in continental Europe (Belgium and France, especially).

Our team also has expertise in social media, website design and development as well as PC support. We offer these specific services locally in North Wiltshire and we also provide support for several local charities.

Ausculta is not a large consultancy. Instead, it is a small, enthusiastic and passionate team dedicated to client satisfaction. Our team has worked in many industries with many technologies across the IT disciplines and knows a lot of things but it doesn't know everything. Our people know their limits and when Ausculta needs additional resources to meet your requirements or answer your questions, it is able to rely on a network of trusted partner resources. These are consultants we have worked with before or who have been recommended to us by trusted colleagues and friends.